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5 accident types that Philadelphia construction workers can suffer

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Construction Accidents

Working construction can be a good, dependable living that helps you provide for your family. But it is also risky work. Even Philadelphia’s most experienced and skilled construction workers could be badly hurt or killed on the job if something goes wrong.

And sometimes, things do go wrong. Even the most careful and safety-conscious contractors cannot prevent all construction accidents. The most common construction accidents include:

  • Falls. A lot of construction work puts you dozens or hundreds of feet in the air, standing on cranes, scaffolding, roofs and ladders. A fall from height can easily cause catastrophic injury and death.
  • Falling objects. Similarly, a dropped tool or piece of material from several feet in the air can strike someone on the head, neck or back and badly injure them.
  • Collapses. Trenches and ditches can collapse with virtually no warning, trapping workers inside and potentially suffocating them.
  • Fires/explosions. Hazardous materials used or stored at the site can burst into flames or cause an explosion and badly injure anyone nearby.
  • Backover and crush accidents. Large, powerful machinery like bulldozers, backhoes and dump trucks can run over someone if the driver is not careful.

A serious injury can take away your ability to work for a long time, during which you will need expensive medical treatment. Workers’ compensation can help make up for your lost income and handle your medical expenses, but getting approved isn’t always simple. No matter how strong your case is that your injury is work-related, your employer could deny your claim or make a low settlement offer. Fortunately, you have legal options for working toward the workers’ comp you deserve.