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Personal Injury Representation Backed By Experience

Personal injury law is a challenging arena. Fighting for yourself can feel impossible. You need someone to step in on your behalf.

My name is Virginia King. I step in for my clients, shielding them from the difficult process of seeking justice after a personal injury. Whatever your case entails, I will serve you with the full weight of my skill and experience.

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A Warrior In The Courtroom

As a child, my mom would write “V. King” on my lunchbox, leading other kids to ask if my name was really “Viking.” Little did I know that ultimately my path would take me to personal injury law, where I could build my practice around fighting for my clients and what they deserve.

My practice includes a full range of personal injury services, such as:

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Bike accidents, including dooring accidents
  • Rideshare accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Construction injuries
  • Breach of contract
  • Property damages
  • Consumer protection

I also provide services in business law and defamation, as well as various other types of law.

Clear Guidance And Strong Advocacy

What’s with the Viking Law name? Do you have Nordic blood in your veins?

While I do fiercely represent my clients in the courtroom, the name has nothing to do with actual Vikings.

When I was in grade school, we would have to write our names on our snack bags and the teacher would call out our names to come get our snacks at snack time. Instead of writing out my full name, “Virginia King” on my brown paper bag, my mom would sometimes write “V.King” which inevitably led to teachers asking who the Viking was at snack time.  I was humiliated then, but now the jokes on them because I have a pretty B.A. name.

Why should I hire you and not that guy on the billboard or the bus ad?

I am actually from the Philadelphia area and am a practicing attorney in this area, whereas some billboard advertisers are not even barred to practice law in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.  Some of them collect your case and then refer them to a law firm and lawyer you have never even heard of simply to collect a fee in return.

Other firms that do have attorneys barred in Pennsylvania might take in hundreds, if not thousands, of cases and then treat your case as a number, rather than you as a person.  They will not have time to call you back, give you updates on your case, or treat you with the respect you deserve after being injured or suffering damages.  They will try to counsel you to either take a cheap settlement so they can get paid quickly, or advise you to refuse any and all settlement offers, simply to lose later at trial because they knew 1 in 10 of their cases might win big, so why not gamble and take each to trial to see which one hits big.  If you do the math, odds are you lose in their game of percentages.

Viking Law fights for you, not your number.

What Clients Say

I have had the privilege to be a client of Virginia’s recently.

As my lawyer for two separate cases, she not only defended me to the best of her ability, but she treated me with kindness, and compassion and really listened to me. As someone who was new to this process, she was with me every step of the way and communicated in a way that I could understand. I trusted Virginia and I knew she would fight for me! She fought and she won, both cases on my behalf. Her support, beyond the legal process, was amazing and I could not imagine getting through it all without her. She is the BEST! I have and will continue to recommend King Law, 100%!

– Jacki R.

You deserve a warrior on your case. Call my firm today.

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