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The Fight For Compensation Is Tough, But You Have A Warrior On Your Side

After being seriously injured by another person’s negligence, the future can feel very uncertain. You are unable to work, unable to pay your medical bills and struggling with pain and suffering. Insurance is supposed to ease your financial burdens, but negotiating with the insurance company is yet another problem that you feel unequipped to solve on your own.

It’s time to contact a lawyer who will give you the personal attention you deserve and will advocate aggressively on your behalf. I am Virginia King, an attorney with nearly two decades of legal experience and founder of ViKing Law. The name of my firm is more than just wordplay. It also lets you know what you can expect when you hire me. I am your warrior, and I will fight for you with courage, compassion and honesty.

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My Diverse Experience Is Your Advantage

Nearly every personal injury case is going to involve insurance companies. They weren’t the ones who caused your accident, but they are tasked with paying the costs on behalf of the policyholder who did. But insurance companies make money by denying claims or settling for as little as possible. The bigger the claim, the harder they will fight it.

I spent much of my career as an insurance defense attorney. I know how these companies operate. I understand the arguments and the tactics they will use, and I’m ready to counter them.

To the insurance company, approving or denying your claim for compensation is a business decision. But it is so much more than that to you. It impacts your health, your well-being and your future. As your attorney, I will aggressively pursue your case with that reality in mind.

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